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White labeling InterviewBuddy Pro

White Labeling

Branded for your organization to ensure applicants have the positive & professional experience

Multi-Party Interviews InterviewBuddy Pro

Multi-Party Interviews

Collaborate with multiple hiring managers for better decisions, instant feedback & save time!

Async Interviews InterviewBuddy Pro

Async Interviews

Replaces phone/in-person interviews earlier in the recruitment process. Filter through large applicant pools

Stealth Monitoring InterviewBuddy Pro

Stealth Monitoring

Ability to monitor interviews in a stealth mode to remove chance of bias in the hiring process
- Coming Soon

ATS Integration
InterviewBuddy Pro

ATS Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your Applicant Tracking System as well as your current tech stack - Coming Soon

Custom Templates InterviewBuddy Pro

Custom Templates

Build your own reporting & question templates for future Async & Live video interviews

End-to-end Encryption
 InterviewBuddy Pro

End-to-end Encryption

Your entire video interview data is fully encrypted & secured

Assessment Module InterviewBuddy-Pro

Assessment Modules

Score & rate an applicants's responses to objectively asses based on a set of criteria

Sentiment Analysis & Emotion AI InterviewBuddy Pro

Sentiment Analysis & Emotion AI

Make informed decisions backed by science & data to make that crucial hire in half the time!
- Coming Soon

Use Cases Of InterviewBuddy Pro

Campus Recruitment

 Internal Appraisals InterviewBuddy Pro


 Internal Mobility InterviewBuddy Pro

Internal Mobility

Remote Board Meetings InterviewBuddy Pro

Remote Board Meetings

Grievance Handling InterviewBuddy Pro

Grievance Handling

Psychiatric Counseling InterviewBuddy Pro

Psychiatric Counseling

Evidence for Legal Compliance InterviewBuddy Pro

Evidence for Legal

Advantages of InterviewBuddy Pro

Online Scheduler InterviewBuddy Pro

Online Scheduler

No Software Downloads/Plugins InterviewBuddy Pro

No Software Downloads/Plugins

6X Advanced Video Interview Technology InterviewBuddy Pro

6X Advanced Video Interview Technology

Enhanced employer brand InterviewBuddy Pro

Enhanced Employer Brand

Save Time Money InterviewBuddy Pro

Save Time & Money

Digital Record Keeping InterviewBuddy Pro

Digital Record Keeping